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About Horten Chamber Music Fest

Horten Chamber Music Fest is aninternational music festival arranged yearly in Horten.
The festival was started
in 2009 by artistic director, Kari Ravnan. Horten Chamber Music Fest presents concerts with a high artistic profile and a focus onthe intimate contact between musicians and audience. It also aims to build an interest and enjoyment of Chamber Music in Horten and the rest of Norway.


Festival aims

Horten Chamber Music Fest aims to combine a high artistic and professional level with local involvement and the promotion of classical music.

-Horten Chamber Music Fest aims to present chamber music of the highest quality for the people of Horten and the rest of the country by inviting top-level national and international chamber musicians.

-Horten Chamber Music Fest shall have a classical Music profile that sets Horten on the map and is a trademark for the municipality. This is to be done by promoting the festivals distinctive qualities, increasing the number of concerts and continuing Development under Hortens profile.

-Horten Chamber Music Festshall promote interest for classical Music in children and youths,

as well as encouraging them to play an instrument themselves. This is to be done by having childrens concerts with a focus on involvement, as well as presenting the young winners

of the Midgard Competition in concerts during the festival. These young musicians also

participate in masterclasses given by festival artists.

-Horten Chamber Music Fest aims tocontinue the professionalization of the management and

is working to develop the daily operations of the festival.

Establishment and history

Artistic director, Kari Ravnan, had a strong desire to arrange a chamber music festival but couldnt find the right premises, until one day a colleague mentioned the purchase of the

Gamlehorten Gjestgård on Karljohansvern in Horten. The property was perfect for a chamber music festival and the first grant application was sent within the week!

Horten C
hamber Music Fest was arranged the first time in 2009 and has since then established itself as an important festival for Chamber music, especially for its host city, Horten.
Artistic director, Kari
Ravnan, started the festival in order to provide Vestfold a chamber music festival of high international quality, as well as have an arena to also involve talentful youth in a professional setting. With annual regional and municipal support, the festival

has developed through the years to be a well-known and highly respected chamber music festival.

Organization form

Horten Chamber Music Fest is a non-profit organizaion run by a self-constituting board, consisting of volunteers. In addition, there is an artistic director and a general manager.

In recent years, a Group of volunteers, Kammertjenerne, has made an invaluable contribution during the festival. Horten Chamber Music Fest aims to strengthen the board with increased professional competence as well as continue to expand the Kammertjener group.

Local og regional ties

Both Horten Municipality and Vestfold County Council have consistantly and generously supported the Horten Chamber Music Fest financially, showing strong local and regional support.

The majority of the board members are residents of Horten or the surrounding area, as are most of the Kammertjenervolunteer group. The festival greatly values these local volunteer efforts as an acknowledgement of the importance Horten Chamber Music Fest has for the areas residents. Horten Chamber Music Fest has as ever-increasing collaboration with local music institutions such as the Royal Marine Band and the Midgard Competition.

In addition, the festival has a close collaboration with local organisations such as Gamlehorten Gjestegård, Marine Museum and Preus Museum, as well as local businesses and suppliers. The festival wishes to promote Hortens distinctiveness by holding concerts in the areas living cultural monuments, as well as to bring attention to local visual arts by inviting each year a resident festival artist from the area.